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As the world becomes increasingly complex, there exists a greater need for simplicity and preservation. Green Earth Outdoors provides experiences for people to breathe and feel alive. Nothing refreshes the spirit and enlightens the soul than time in nature. For our children, research continues to support the lifelong developmental benefits derived from frequent unstructured outdoor recreation. For organizations and corporations, engaging teams in the outdoors provides greater focus and commitment to their mission and each other. For all of us, nature provides the opportunity for challenge, reflection and renewal. The natural world has a way of reminding us of what is most important on earth and our responsibility to future generations. Founded on the principles and ethics for responsible recreation and introducing the young and not so young to the wonders of natural world, Green Earth Outdoors offers a variety of ways to make a difference for ourselves, our children, and our planet.

Family Fun and Learn

If you're a parent, we understand your time to find and plan outdoor activities is limited. Green Earth Outdoors offers several programs for families living in or visiting Louisville Kentucky or Southern Indiana. These programs bring together families who share and value the importance of spending time in nature with their children.

Explore Discover Share Weekends
Green Earth Explorers Nature Club

If your family wants a more extended camping experience you might consider a Local Overnight Trip or a scheduled trip with an Easy or Moderate rating.

Day Trips

At Green Earth Outdoors, we are committed to making your stay or visit in the Louisville area extraordinary and to share with you our favorite places. We offer a number of all-inclusive Day Trips to the beautiful natural areas of North-Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

From day hikes, canoe and cave trips, and nature tours, we take care of every detail so that yours is a one-of-a-kind, hassle-free adventure! Each trip begins and ends in Louisville where we will pick you up in the morning and return you in the late afternoon. The cost per person includes roundtrip transportation, lunch, guide(s), natural and historical interpretation of the places we visit, and gear.

Adventure Travel

To experience the beauty of the land carrying everything you need is both a thrill and an adventure in itself. From placid canoe trips with plenty of down time to challenging backpacking expeditions, Green Earth Outdoors trips are designed to match your desired activity and comfort level. We offer a variety of Backpacking, Canoeing or Multisport adventures from Local Overnight Trips to more extended trips to destinations throughout North America.

From the time you initially contact us to after you return home, Green Earth Outdoors is there to make your trip go smoothly. Our turnkey service will handle all the details from your daily itinerary to the food you eat. When you register for one of our trips or programs, we will take the time to give you first-hand knowledge about your itinerary, the destination, the activities, how to prepare for your trip and what you will need to bring to ensure a memorable experience.

Training Programs

Depending on your specific goals, Green Earth Outdoors offers experiential learning and training programs in various disciplines of outdoor recreation. Each module is presented in a hands-on format in a natural setting where participants learn and practice the skills to increase skill or technique proficiency.
Organization and Corporate Engagement
Leave No Trace Trainer and Master Educator courses
Outdoors Skills Training
Outdoor Leadership
Summer Camp Staff Training

Watch the Green Earth Outdoors calendar for regularly scheduled training. Additionally, private and customized programs are scheduled to meet the unique objectives of your group.

Gearing up for Adventure

Green Earth Outdoors sells and rents only the highest quality outdoor equipment from reputable manufacturers with consideration always given to products that are made with environmentally friendly materials and methods. From group equipment provided on trips to the personal equipment we rent and sell our customers, we go out of our way to provide you with the best gear available.

Carbon Offset Practices

Green Earth Outdoors offsets 100% of the carbon emissions generated from our trips, programs and daily business operations by purchasing renewable energy certificates or Green Tags and participating in other global-cooling initiatives. Our business revolves around finding sustainable ways to bring families, young people and groups to the outdoors. Learn more about our carbon offset adventures.

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"Just home from 5 days in the beautiful Hoosier Nat'l Forest and fellowship with other outdoor enthusiasts in GEO's Leave No Trace Master Educator Course. Thank you for a fabulous time Douglas...your attention to detail, flexibility, expertise, and kindness helped set the stage for a terrific all-around experience! All the gear was top-notch...from canoes and tents to dry bags, food and cookware. I'll happily recommend Douglas' services to anyone interested!"
     -Jane – Illinois

"Fantastic trip Douglas! All three generations appreciated your care in planning the KY trip, your expertise in the field and your concerns for our needs. A special thanks for the extra effort you made to meet our dietary needs. All seven of us - ages 5 to 75 - highly recommend Green Earth Outdoors!"
     -Vonnie – Indiana

"Fabulous Blue River canoeing trip courtesy of Doug Wagoner. He not only provided the canoes, carried them all the way to the water, provided all necessities (including nature-friendly insect repellent and sunscreen), he also single-handedly rescued my friend and I from ourselves... Namely, we were a bit too ambitious in our plans to go down the river and only made it through half of it by 4 p.m. Thankfully, Doug spotted us in time and got us out of trouble. If not, we would still be canoeing somewhere in the wilderness... Many thanks for great service!"
     -Djenita – Kentucky

"The Boundary Waters was everything I expected. What a great place to hide from the world and be a part of it at the same time. Beauty, serenity, peace....and being waited on hand and foot. Certainly you have to do your part in the canoe (at least I thought I did my part in the canoe!), but in camp, Doug makes sure you are taken care of. He instills confidence that you are safe and sound. He can teach you about your surroundings, about orienteering, about surviving, about being a steward of the earth and so much more. Thanks for a great trip."
     -Mary – Texas

All Green Earth Outdoors trips
and programs are carbon neutral.