participant feedback

"Learning and having fun at the same time. Meeting some wonderful people. Thank you for all your hard work.  We truly appreciate the education and the beautiful facilities."

"It amazes me the knowledge you have to share with us. Thank you to the other avid backpackers that shared some of their experiences and knowledge with us as well."

 "Great group and learning a lot of things; makes me happy."

"A big thanks for offering these classes! A great forum for meeting wonderful people, having fun and learning more about the great outdoors!"

"Excellent class! I will look forward to each one. Very informative. Thank you. Your expertise and experience is invaluable."

To experience the beauty of the natural world carrying everything you need on your back is both a thrill and an adventure. These courses bring together decades of backpacking experiences along with the best-in-class and in-the-field curriculum from various national level outdoor skill courses and will feature presentations by some of the areas most experienced backpackers. This course is hands on and no prior experience is necessary and is open to prior attendees. It will address questions and concerns of those new or interested in backpacking in a comfortable learning environment.   All classes will be held at, and all outings will originate from our Outdoor Education Center.  

backpacking courses